Apr 7, 2024


I could be so much more,

A legend, A lore.

Than pressing down on pipettes,

And cleaning glass bottom dishes,

Filling liquid Nitrogen,

Again, again, again,

It’s not my job description,

I wanna do science, draw conclusions.

I’m not competing with equals

They’ve got more material

They got fancy microscopes

LSM, 2 photon- so dope.

They got science, nature, cell.

I can’t break into that shell,

Since they can work on 3D,

But I’m still stuck in 2D,

Although I’m just as smart,

In India everything’s hard.

Even walking is easier there,

Roads here are a nightmare.

Wish I never visited Europe.


Poetry and some random words. Grad student trying to document my PhD journey semi-anonymously.