2 min readMar 17, 2024


It’s been a crazy new year! Didn’t expect I’d write this much! Didn’t expect I wouldn’t do any experiment xD. My cells have been dying idk what’s happening.

Anyways. The last 3 months my experiments didn’t go well. But I was able to analyse my data more so I wouldn’t say that my research went bad. I had an excellent writing stint in the last 3 months, thanks?? to IBS. My running also went awesome :) I ran my first 10k without music n without my Sankey around my target time of 1:15, it makes me feel so awesome. I’ll aim for 1:10 for my next 10k in April end.

Anyway, for the next few months, I will dial down on writing. Just finish whatever articles I have already signed up for.

Focus more on experiments and data analysis and try to submit 3 papers within July.

Focus more on the machine learning course.

Focus more on running.

Cook more.

I guess I will make room for these things because I will write less and I will also probably spend less time with Sankey. I will come to lab early so that I can finish my work and leave soon without being disturbed by others. I guess I’ll lie to my labmates about where I stay so that they don’t keep me in the lab for long. Being honest with them is futile, the only way to establish work-life boundaries is by lying. Because they don’t respect it if I try to be honest with them.

I can run at around 6 in the evening finish my runs at Bel Road gate and go home directly from there. Maybe in the morning when I wake up I can do the machine learning course. And be in the lab from 8am to 5pm and finish experiments and data analysis. Will try to write from 5–6pm. Start wrapping up lab work by 4:45 pm.

Also Ramaiah TAship. gosh.

wrt lab work, my priority list of things to do:

  1. stretching experiment- this should be #2 but the cell stretcher is a constraint, try to wrap this up before they ask for it back
  2. Wellplate experiment
  3. Oscillation strength data analysis

I also have to find ways to reduce useless meetings with my labmates to get more time for myself:

  1. Tell MV I am busy with 3 papers, tag bs with cs. bs is useless cannot do expts, analyse data, doesn’t know which plasmid is what even after telling her 50+ times. she just has to google the plasmid# and read about it sheesh. but she’s good at heart, golden heart. But work wise- useless.
  2. give Tc data input n output what plots i need- next meeting only after finishing it.
  3. meetings only between 3 and 4pm. tell them you have Thymidine expt timepoint at 4pm and start wrapping up by 3:45 pm.

After work-finish runs, go home, cook, eat, relax/write, sleep well. wake up, cook, write/learn, go to lab, work, run.




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