1 min readJan 24, 2024


I am grateful for having someone as supportive and patient as EmVee.

Glad to have decent labmates.

Am I not allowed to rant in my gratitude entries??

I do not like a lot of things about them. But they are good people. Everyone cannot be perfect. I am lucky to be with people with these positive qualities.

I gotta learn how to not hate the person even if I hate some things about them. Learning. Growing.

So lucky to have the beautiful iisc campus to run.

Feeling grateful for the science writing internship, looking forward to widen my portfolio.

Feeling grateful for Sufjan Stevens songs.

Finally found the purpose of my phd- so that it’ll boost my scicomm profile xD.

Grateful for the meaningful and deep conversations with Hulk and Dundunaadun.

I really like the people at IBS :) They seem like my kinda people.

Grateful to have a beautiful room with all I need. Except cooking n guests but issokay ig, can live without it? Or am I compromising too much in my 20s? In a way its good that guests not allowed that way there are some boundaries with my bf. We’re both getting too dependent on each other.

So lucky to be in iisc with all facilities available.

So lucky to have my new awesome mac.




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